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Safely Remove Those Streaks On Your Roof With Low Pressure Washing

Many homeowners have spent thousands of dollars replacing shingle roofs that could have been restored to a like new appearance with simple low pressure cleaning. Those black streaks on your roof are not signs of wear, but algae that can be pressure washed away.

Remember that not every roof cleaning or pressure washing job is the same and the results can vary depending on the condition of the existing roof shingles that are going to be cleaned. No pressure cleaning and low pressure cleaning are very effective techniques for cleaning roofs and can be done without causing damage to shingles.

For the most accurate assessment of achievable results, please submit your information at our Request Free Estimate page and a representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.




Pressure Cleaning to Remove Roof Mildew

Roofs have their own set of problems, including mildew, mold and algae which grown into the surface of your shingles, destroying them far before their expected life is reached. Left untreated, these contaminates will also spread to other surfaces of your home over time.

There is no need to replace your roof, even if stains make it appear in hopeless condition. Roof cleaning by Roof Treatment Inc can safely remove the stains and keep them from returning. We use only an environmentally safe cleaning agent that kills the growth of mold and mildew, and keeps it from returning with an anti microbial barrier sprayed on after cleaning. This will add many years to the life of your shingles, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. 



Make Your Patio Look New

Driveways, sidewalks, and patios get stained. Whether from oil, paint, or mud, concrete surfaces seem to attract spills simply because we do so much dirty work in these areas. Many people assume that since concrete is hard that it's impenetrable, so they act a little reckless around it. However, though it can take a beating physically, it's unable to defend itself chemically. Roof Treatment Inc can make your outside look like new.




Give Your Siding A New Look

Dingy house siding doesn't necessarily need painting. It may simply be suffering from an accumulation of grime and mildew. That’s good news — instead of scraping and painting your summer away, you can use a pressure washer to give your house a sparkling transformation in a single day.



Roof Treatments can make your roof last longer.

House and building roofs are one of the hardest surfaces to pressure wash. The biggest enemy of roofs is the black fungus. Fungus in general feed on moisture and nutrient and if the roof is surrounded by trees, lake or a pool and if outside weather is humid and warm, fungus will grow and spread rapidly. As a result, the fungus will deteriorate the quality of the roof and it will also make it look old and hideous by turning it into a dark and/or totally black surface.