More About Pressure Cleaning

Why Should I Power Wash my Property?

Pressure washing is one of the most cost effective ways to increase property values while at the same time, restoring and extending its life by removing harmful pollutants!

Here are a few other cost saving benefits!

Value - Cleaning your property not only maintains it beauty and prolongs its life but it also increases its value!

Curb Apeal - First Impressions are everything so having a clean home or business will instantly be more inviting, for your customers, friends and family!

Cost Savings - Properly maintaining your property helps to increase the life span of all surfaces and decreases the need for costly repairs or premature painting in the future.

Health - Maintaining a mold and pollutant free property, will decrease alergies, colds, and any airborn related ilness, your children and guests, will thank you later!

Roof Treament, Inc. is currently serving the Dade-Broward-Palm Beach tri-county area. Services include commercial and residential pressure cleaning and washing.
- Malls
- Parking Garage
- Gas Stations
- Shopping Centers
- Industrial
- Condominiums
- Home Owner's Associations
- Gum Removal
- Warehouses
- Large Areas
- Walls
- Driveways
- Pool Decks & Patios
- Sidewalks
- Rust Removal
- Pool Screen Enclosures
- Wood Restoration
- Spider Web Removal
- Cleaning
- Brick Pavers
- Concrete
- Wood
- Patio & Pool Deck
- Chattahoochee

Did you know?

Properties that are cleaned on a regular basis have a higher resale value. The savings don't just stop there.. the cost of painting, replacing a roof or rotten wood are all but eliminated, not to mention the savings on your electric bill, a clean home is more energy efficient!

Did you know the typical home owner or business owner who does not maintain a clean property will spend between $8K and $17k in repairs in the first 10 years alone! Power Washing your home or business once a year decreases that cost by 75%! That is a savings of over $8,000!

Why Hire Roof Treatment, Inc for Pressure Washing?

Because we have been providing quality service to South Florida's Homeowners and Business owners just like you for over 11 years and we take great pride in making your property look it's best while saving you time and money!

We've taken power washing to the next level, having spent over a decade developing and refining a proprietary soft wash system of exterior cleaning which incorporates custom engineered equipment, eco-friendly cleaners and a highly trained staff providing the most effective and affordable way to bring back the beauty of your property's exterior!

Whether you are looking for a simple house wash , roof wash , deck or driveway cleaning or maybe you're looking for a professional to clean your commercial property, Roof Treatment INC Pressure Washing will make your property shine!

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