South Florida Roof Cleaning - Pressure Washing with out the Pressure

With South Florida's intense heat, humidity and heavy rains, keeping your roof clean is a never ending challenge. Violation notices from property owners’ associations or from the city for the ugly black streaks and dirty appearance of your roof can be a headache. In addition to these two issues, the pressure of locating a reputable company with competitive prices and speedy results will certainly add to the stress of owning your very own home sweet home.

Traditional cleaning typically involves chlorine bleach or pressure cleaning – both of which have been known to cause unnecessary and sometimes extensive damage to the roof and surrounding property. Also, these methods yield minimal results that typically last a mere 6-12 months. Roof-A-Cide, however, is guaranteed to last two years. Each customer receives a two year warranty backed by the applicator and manufacturer. Less cleaning, and less people walking on your roof means greater durability. A properly cared for roof could last up to 25-30 years, even though many homeowners in Florida are forced to replace their roofs after only 12-15 years because of the damage caused by repeated cleaning.

Something else to keep in mind, with water conservation becoming a rising concern, one Roof-A-Cide application takes about 30 gallons of water, equal to a 5 minutes shower, per two years in comparison to 1,000+ gallons of water needed to pressure clean per year on an average 3000 square foot roof to achieve the same results. This along with EPA registration makes it an easy decision for homeowners to go green without paying too much green.