2 Year Clean Gaurantee

Roof-A-Cide® is unconditionally GUARANTEED to remain clean and free of algae or fungus growth for 2 Full Years!

Roof-A-Cide eliminates the need for repeated and unnecessary pressure cleanings. It will be the last time you clean your roof,"Frank said. Roof-A-Cide comes with an unconditional 2-year guarantee. Once your roof is cleaned, authorized applicators will treat your roof with Roof-A-Cide and will guarantee discoloration for two years.

Roof Treatment Inc, is currently offering a Summer Special through August. Mention this article to receive the promotional summer discount. Frank Miele said he is willing offer the discount because Roof-A-Cide is beneficial to not only the client, but his company as well.

When technicians return in two years, the roof does not need to be re-cleaned, just re-treated. "All we have to do is come back and give the roof a light spray every two years. It takes less time because we don't have to clean it again," he said. "And of course, It will expand the life of your roof because you don't have people walking on it every year, and you don't have water pressure or harsh chemicals beating it down," he said.


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